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ORRFC Terms and Conditions of Membership


I confirm that the information on my membership profile is correct.

Data Protection

I acknowledge that the data provided is to be held by ORRFC and the RFU and used for the purpose of rugby/membership registration with the ORRFC and where applicable the Surrey County RFU and the RFU and I consent to the holding of such data.

Mini and Junior parents

I agree that my child be bound by the laws and resolutions of the Rugby Football Union and its Constituent Bodies and the rules of the Old Reigatian Rugby Football Club Limited.

I further agree that I, as the parent/guardian of my registered child, accept responsibility in the event that the player fails to wear a suitable mouth guard during training and/or matches.

I consent to the photographing/videoing and publication of images of my child under the RFU's Child Protection and Best Practices guidelines.

I also confirm that my child is not under a court order.

I also give consent to my child receiving emergency first aid/hospital treatment in line with the RFU's policy guidelines on First Aid procedures.

I/We agree to abide by the Old Reigatian RFC Code of Conduct and RFU Good Parent Guide (see club policies)