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The O.R.R.F.C. 150 Club Draw

All of you no doubt, have heard of the 150 Club (well for sure if you have registered on line in the last few years).

Since its inception by Eric Smith in 1965 The 150 Club has raised many thousands of pounds. Once the prizes have been paid, the entire balance is used for the benefit of the Rugby Club. The Trustees are always mindful that the general and anticipated running costs of the club are met from subscriptions and bar profits. This has enabled them to fund many capital purchases that would not have been possible purchases for the Rugby Club out of its very limited profits.

The 150 Club takes advantage of a provision made by government. It is a fund raising device which is run by members of the O.R.R.F.C. as a separate entity. It is a members only draw (op[en only to members of the O.R.R.F.F.C. which must be maintained separately from the main club for which it serves and is devised so that nearly half (47% is the maximum amount) of the money raised by the contributions of The 150 Club members is allocated to the draw's of the 150 "tickets" (Monthly £75, Quarterly £300 and Bi-annually £1000) and the balance (53%, o level maths you know!)is allocated to be made available for the Committee of the O.R.R.F.C. to access for the purpose of capital expenditure without being liable for taxation.

The Club has been running now for over forty years (under several teams of trustees) and has raised tremendous amounts cash for the O.R.R.F.C. Since the start of 1995 the 150 Club as provided means to the O.R.R.F.C to make capitol purchases totalling £69,000.00!

These funds have been used by the O.R.R.F.C. Committee to fund a diverse list of items which include the tractor mower gang, scrimmage machine, big screen projector, the recent new sets of rugby posts and post protectors, ride on motor mower, ice machine and bar glass washing machine to name but a few.
More recently the 150 Club has funded the purchase of the portable flood lights and has just funded the purchase of a new set of posts and floodlights which will replace the recently removed training pitch units.
So if you would like to further support your club and also have a chance of winning some cash join us now and buy a ticket (or two)!

Simply click here to download an application form. The application form also has telephone and email contact details.

Best regards,
Owen O'Hara